Someone gave me once a frame with a phrase on it:  “A good coach can change the game, a great coach can change a life” and then by hand she added that I had changed her life. That is indeed my purpose: to contribute to someone in order that each person can change their life, achieve their goals and work on their dreams.

I am not a fairy god-mother, so I do not make miracles. But I can assure you that I seriously make a compromise with whom really wants and decides to work on achieving their goals and what you really desire. I like to share my stories and my expertise, all what I’ve learned in my life and business experiences. Without filters and straight on.

One of my favourite phrases is: “If things that are worth the while were easy, anyone would do them… and I am not  just anyone” I believe strongly this and I do believe that the best things in life don’t come in handed to you, easily. If you like challenges and are decided to work on achieving what you want, then I would be happy to help you achieve it.